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Hello   New   Friends!

We are so glad you have stopped by to see us and we hope our babies bring you much happiness. Here you will find us parents to our adorable babies coming soon. We hope we can make you just as happy as our owners, cause we truly love ours :) 

Here you will find;

BOBO, I am a  black and white piebald weighing 13 pounds, I am 6 years old,  I believe I am  the Queen B on the hill so to speak and plus don't forget I love to have my belly rubbed.

JACKSON, I am chocolate dapple, weighing 9 pounds, I have tons of muscles, and I am 5 years old.  I am the most loyal little guy you will ever meet. I promise to be by your side every step of the way. I love protecting my owners on our daily walks around the farm.

ROXIE, I am a silver and black dapple, weighing 8 pounds I am about to be 5 years old, oh and  I claim myself as Miss Priss. I love trying to sniff out squirrels  and rabbits, the excitement just gets me going. I am VERY playful.

MIA, I am a grey/black and white ticked. I weigh 8 pounds. I really love to be held close to my owner, but I also love to hunt around the farm.

COCO, I am solid chocolate, I weigh 7 pounds for my little self I am full of personality. I love barking at anything that moves around here, have to stay protecting my owners ya know. 


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